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MAXLIGHT refreshed the visual identity of the brand, following the example of the parent company MAXFLIZ. Brand focused on a new generation, new quality and a new look into the future. The current modifications of identification are evolutionary in nature, clear and decisive.
The new design focuses primarily on the brand/'s mission, which assumes universality and reaching both the professionals the brand works with and new customers interested in final products.
maxlight logo info maxlight logo info

The key elements of the sign's structure are based on two modules A and B for horizontal and vertical orientation. The protective field is marked by a firet in the form of the letter M. For greater harmony, in addition to mathematical measures, optical corrections have been applied, mainly within the circle line of the signet ring, as well as in the kerning of the typography itself to organize the weights and lights.

Palette based on metallic colors. It results directly from the idea of the brand based on motives related to light. Light reflections emphasize the mission of the brand, which, in addition to being useful, wants to be an elegant jewelery for interiors.

maxlight logo info maxlight logo info maxlight logo info

Exemplary set of materials with brand visual identification.

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maxlight logo info maxlight logo info
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