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Eagle Eye Animated

Eagle Eye is a company recruiting IT employees in the area of ​​our planet and as far as we know Mars and Venus also has no one with the right competencies to create any reasonable competition. The company is just 10 years old so it still fancies animated films of all kinds. However, this doesn’t mean that like a ten-year-old it daydreams all the time.

Their aim is focused on collecting coconuts rather than regular nuts, which is why it tries to advertise its services at the highest level possible. For the creation of advertising that will bring results, they decided to come to us, claiming that right after their beloved eagles, we have the best eye in this field. Nice!

Section 01

Eye Visual

We started creating a key visual suitable for presenting the clear features and goals of the company in its purest shape and form. We chose transparency in exchange for space to emphasize the verbal message, both by illustration and typography.


The art of communication

We've created a group of IT nerds who don't brag and make celebrities of themselves in any way. On the contrary, they are very well behaved - they warmly wink and wave to the viewers. They are simply them, that is, specialists in their though difficult, yet caring for freedom and interpersonal relations, field of art. Undeniably art.

Developer 01 Developer 01


At first glance editing animations is tedious and a long-term tidbit. However, once you become so presumptuous, you start to find it as interesting as interactive puzzles, that sometimes can even work therapeutically. When you set up one block, another is falling, until you reach full peace and balance. There are side effects though - listening to the voiceover for the 1023 time and, what often happens, one phrase over and over again. This is some kind of iteration and without it, it wouldn’t be possible to go ahead.

We sincerely and with all responsibility invite you to the movie. Curtain! :)

Developer tetris Tetris brick

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Everything Teams to be fine...

At the end, we high five you! Eagle Eye takes care of good teamwork and builds, you could say, global autonomy in the IT world. Everyone supports each other, teases, as well as gossips about themselves in chat rooms. Everything is written only in superlatives about how good the job was done. We don’t hear it as often, but there’s a rumor that this animation was an inspiration for Netflix.