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Lake between mountains in the Alps"

Parc Hotel Sulden

Parc Hotel Sulden, located in the middle of the Alps in northern Italy, has inspired us since the beginning of our cooperation. An astonishing beautiful place, full of charm, located in a picturesque part of the Italian mountains... but with a slight flaw - no proper business card on the internet. It was a pleasure for us to help out in this case! The project required a modern platform, but with the spirit of place and history.

The website should serve as a virtual business card and tell about the area where the hotel is located. It shall give guests the opportunity to book a room on the site. These are the most important elements and functions we have developed for the hotel’s new website.

Website fragment
Main page - part 1 Main page - part 2

We focused on a simple and elegant design, highlighting the strong traditions of the region. Designing has become a compromise and a challenge between readable functionality and the target audience of the site.

Gallery mockup - Desktop Gallery mockup - Mobile

What’s more, the correct display of the page on mobile devices has become a matter of course. Each user can quickly book the selected room in two simple steps even on a mobile device.

Main site mockup
Calendar mockup
About hotel mockup

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For Hotel Park we have created an elegant, functional and dignified website presenting this beautiful place.