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Time with family J

The world of the Jameson brand has been accompanying us from the beginning of our expansion to the world of graphic and digital design. The brand understands the market and its customers perfectly, that's why we are always happy to cooperate on projects with such strength and freshness that this Irish soul emanates.

Despite a long history and, above all, a strong family tradition, the company does not fall into conservatism or megalomania in any way. Like a modern Leprechaun climbing the rough landscapes of the market’s highlands, it feels perfectly the consumer and the spirit of time”.

New clothes for the king

Despite his attires changes and adaptation skills Jameson does not deny that the King walks naked. He constantly proves that strength is in the details and that the time passing by is not a reason to tell melancholic stories but to create new ones, for brave and open consumers - the stories based on the hunt for new flavours. Being a recognizable brand, he has perfectly adapted his graphic look ensuring a strong and simple message. As for us, we were very pleased to implement this puff of freshness, opening windows wide for Jameson and making a blast on the Polish whiskey market. As the motto of the brand says "Sine metu" - without fear.


Packing before travel

For several years, we have been responsible for designing Irish-worthy packaging. This year we have designed the third outfit for those beautifully-shaped bottles full of gold and green. Seek for them on the shelves throughout the country. Not only they are worth looking at but we also advise you to present them to the rest of your thirsty senses.

Boxes Boxes

Summer Tour

For three times we also participated in the Jameson summer adventures. Every year the brand makes a big holiday in Poland, visiting the most interesting clubs in the largest cities. Once, we equipped them with a colorful trailer, which resembles idyllic ‘69 summer to bring back the promised love almost 40 years later. During the tour, you could take part in a lot of attractions and surprising activities, carried out remarkably and on a grand scale. Jameson is an expression of creativity, which is why we, as a creative studio, communicate togheter almost without words. Almost, because the copywriting we create in our creative meetings, is a pure joy for all of us.

Summer Tour Logo

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