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Niek van der Heijden

Niek van der Heijden’s works are experimental, which leads to unique results. The artist usually knows what type of object he is looking for and what effect he is aiming for, but what the work will look like and what creative process it will go through remains unknown, until it’s ready.

The process of creating works by Niek is based on intuition, spontaneity and availability of materials. For Niek, we designed a website that is a virtual art gallery of already created pieces, with the possibility of purchasing.

Niek van der Heijden photo

When Niek came up to us
he wondered:

“I don't know much about digital, it's on the other side of the reality I'm dealing with. I am an artist and I know steel. I would like to easily show my works on the internet. Can you help?”




Niek decided not to use standard online sales tools. He focused on relationship and communication with the customer. You can ask about availability of the pieces by a request-form. This is not about sales, but about emotions and reception.


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