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Vintage car brokers website

During our first meeting with we were all convinced that the project will result in a quick and simple website. We arranged workshops, in order to learn about values ​​and ... it turned out that it can't be a landing page like any other. The brokers' website needs a division between the most important insurances, the user must find the necessary documents as quickly as the required contacts. Perfect - we considered it as a matter of honor that we will make a great site out of it.

So we developed the site according to the users needs. We turned those needs into tools, like a blacksmith. Step by step we wrote the content, designed the site, keeping with current trends, selected the best photos and started coding. Before we finished the programming process, Xexperts told us:
- “There is no damage that we cannot eliminate.”
- “Let it be your main slogan, gentlemen” we replied.

Fragment of website
Parked vintage cars White corss offer

Less stress means: an exemplary design process. From mobile UX design to graphic design and desktop, to the culmination in development. We have expanded the menu navigation via the pull-out menu on the side, which adopts to the form of a toolbox. The elements contain a simple and legible typography. The subtle animations react to the scrolling. Light and fluid elements organize the content of the website and make it easier to read.

Carousel page part 1 Carousel page part 2
Black bar over FAQ FAQ part 1
FAQ part 2
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