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Posters for Hala Koszyki

It's 1956. Stilyagas are smashing bottles in the streets, mumbling loudly some slogans. We are just coming back from the Komeda’s band concert, humming jazz hype ... wait, come back, we have 2018 and we were just asked to prepare a visual identity for the second birthday of Hala Koszyki in Warsaw.

Topic? PRL. We got so caught up in it, that we forgot which year we live in. Good fun lasted for many hours. Researches, collages, drawings and as a final result we sewn quite modern, but tailored to the PRL - a series of posters referring to post-war jazz culture. We adore such tasks the most.

In the implementation we used characteristic for this period colors and graphics made in various mixed techniques. PRL loved collage.


We've proposed several different projects to our client. Our personal favorite is this one. Below, you can see the posters taken straight out of the times of the Polish People's Republic.


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