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Projects for Wyborowa S.A.

During our cooperation with Wyborowa S.A. we are pleased to create designs for event materials for many brands from the company's portfolio. In addition to standard elements from Key Visual brands, we have used our own optics for individual graphics, for specific events.

An important role is played by the fact that the appearance of our projects consistently shows recipients their favorite brands being at the same time individual and unconventional.

We've covered summer scooters
speeding around Wybo office buildings with stickers.
We don't know exactly how fast the scooters go,
but the stickers are said not to have fallen.


We have released a series of coffers
for summer festivals, so that late in the evening
people could walk with highlighted faces.
That’s a glare!

Bar brands

Speaking of festivals, it also matters
what can be seen more clearly during the day.
Because let's be honest,
wood is hidden in the sand, so
it was also necessary to add comfortable splendor here.

Beach chairs

Do you like
what you see?

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With further night climate exploring,
different lightning inside can be also useful -
so that bartenders and clients can see
but not be dazzled.

And from what we know, these lamps also arose...

Stands Stands