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8 Art Media

Imagine being a reporter. You work for a publishing house or your work is media related to sports and you struggle to plan upcoming topics each week. When you plan your schedule, writing first texts close to publication, it turns out that you still lack photos and video material. This is where the 8 Art Media Platform comes in, from which reporters can download well-developed materials like photos, videos and even a press release. Cutting short, all the materials you need to publish your article.

The project is currently operating for North and South Tyrol, but its owner, a longtime Red Bull employee and sports lover, is quickly expanding the area of ​​activity to other regions. The idea, as well as the whole project, is truly exciting, and we had the honor to participate in it.


A light and transparent User Interface, a dynamically loaded list of events and well-prepared RWD (Responsive Web Design) for mobile devices will allow you to download the media package at any time on any device.

Desktop previews Desktop previews Desktop previews
Website header

White pureness with objects brought out by shadows. Thanks to this, we emphasize the value of the materials and offer the user a pleasant experience.

For dessert we have the admin panel. Files can be loaded from 3 categories: photos, videos and press coverage. Naturally all in real time during the events.


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