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Logo with American tradition

How to rebrand a logo while preserving the brand's reference to their value and history? This is the question all companies ask, when refreshing their clients' images. Our task was to create a new logo for Green Gate Consulting. A company from the state of Virginia in the USA, whose mission it is to help American entrepreneurs deal with environmental protection while selling their products or services to foreign markets, and thus expand their activities.

Sounds like a challenge and that is exactly what we like! We’ve presented two different proposals of the logo to Green Gate, which were the final result of the analysis of both company and the place where it has been operating for years.

One environment, two different signs.

The base for both proposals was nature (naturally) but each of the signs present a different element - a result of the analysis that we conducted.

Bird draft Sign draft

First proposal shows the foliage that dominates the Virginian area where the company comes from. Their multiplicity in the signet symbolizes the large amount of companies that Green Gate has helped and will help in the future. The second suggestion represents a bird species that occurs in the area, but also has a symbolic meaning. This bird became the symbol of the Virginia district and its name is Cardinalis Cardinalis, which in Latin means “main”, “basic” and "the most important".

Bird Bird
Logo usage Logo usage

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